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Your Superpower!

Oh yep, we are going to be talking about sleeeeeeep, sweet and glorious sleeeeeeeep.

Most of us have been there, whether it be all nighters when studying or so stressed for a big project coming up, to tiny humans needing us. And let’s not forget, our all encompassing binge culture with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus etc

I keep asking myself and others, when we say we are tired or haven’t had enough sleep for the 5th day in a row, why we don’t do anything about it?

Is it that we don’t seem to have enough hrs in the day that our brain always thinks about something else do to before it can ‘chill out’. Or do we actively avoid sleep?

We are conditioned to ‘watch’ or ‘do’ something after dinner because we aren’t tired yet and this is our time to finally indulge that day. We all know how that turns out, we end up watching two episodes (minimum) or a long movie and go to bed 30min-1hr later than what your body would actually need in sleep. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sleep in an extra 30min a day? Every Morning?! It is possible, you just have to set the rules and schedule sleep.

In regards to fitness, sleep is the number one in muscle recovery and performance + coordination and neuromuscular control. No amount of supplements can substitute or make up for the lack of sleep.

Sleep is your superpower.

That being said, everyone is slightly different in regards to how much sleep we need to function and feel well rested. I’m very much around the 7-8hrs, whereas one of my friends needs the minimum 9hrs.

The beauty of having a regular sleep pattern is that on those blissful days where you don’t have an alarm, you naturally wake up at a good time and feel all cosy & restored.

It may sound tedious, but if you have the Liberty to set your sleep and schedule it in, DO IT. If that means scratching out the Netflix episode until the weekend, its a sacrifice that your body will thank you for :)

So get ready, set, SLEEP!

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