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What defines you?

What kind of 'existential crisis' question is that?! - said your brain...

Your morning haze of coffee & tea, post-week numbness might not be ready to answer that just yet. But never fear, I am here to unpack it with you.

In all fairness, this question might feel inspiring or terrifying depending on what moment of the day you ask me.

Inspiring reply? - my career (I'm proud to make people smile and love my job), the friends I have (they're the best), my family (they love me and annoy the hell out of me, it's great)

Terrified reply? - thinking I am never doing enough to make a difference, too headstrong to be loved, my accomplishments won't matter in the end.

I know I know, this shi* is heavy! BUT, maybe we need to change the question, since we can probably answer it in so many ways. So here it goes... How do you choose to Define YOURSELF?

Now that's more like it! See how instantly more motivating that question is? What does that evoke within you? You get to CHOOSE how you want to prioritize your life.

Take away the judgment or regrets one may have of one's. Choose that all you've gone through has defined the collective YOU. From there, you get re-asses and see if this path you are on aligns with your core values or not. And if not? remember that you are in the front seat behind the steering wheel, you get to decide where you, how fast and for how long.

You've got it in you to choose your own definition for your life. You and only you.

As for me? I choose to define it with inspiration, joy, support, & love.

Much Love,


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