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The Zoned OUT Brain

We've all had those moments, where important information is being handed to us, whether it be at a meeting, first introductions, presentation, or in some cases during a workout... and we just ZONE OUT.

I believe we do this due to our mental state. Wondering of being perceived in a different way than the way we want to be. It's also runs in parallel with the thought of wanting to be present, which in turn makes us not 'present'. Weird right?

This happens to everyone! I love using the example of first introductions; when you first meet someone you're so focused on coming off nice, welcoming and pronouncing your name correctly etc, that you don't catch theirs... this has happened to me so many times haha

Zoning out in class?! been there too, as a student and a teacher. Yes we tend to snap back into it after a second or two but sometimes it doesn't go unnoticed.

Since everyone does zone out, due to fatigue, stress, hunger etc. it's more about understanding the psychological aspect of it. Physically there are easy steps to lessen that zone out feeling. But mentally, just like I mentioned, it occurs when we get flustered with ourselves or focus on an internal/external stimulus centered on ourselves.

Focus is important don't get me wrong, but when we put pressure to perform on top of it, or someone else's expectations of what focus should look like. That's when we can trip ourselves out.

So the lesson or objective here, is give yourself the space to detach the 'self' from the experience and just 'be'

See how that goes :)

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