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The Gut & The Brain

Coming across so many approaches to food within the fitness industry, it can be triggering, confusing, and outright wrong. Let's unpack this together.

I am not a nutritionist and I am not going to pretend to have any of the answers, but if there was a diet that worked...everyone would be doing it, period. no If's And's or But's about it. Diet culture is hurtful, and unsustainable.

Why does it exist? My theory is that since food is not scarce or a mode of survival for most of us in our lives, a market has developed to alter our own relationship with food, to make us consumers, and subscribe to a certain standard or aesthetic.

We see on the instagram, youtube, & twitter these clickbait ads on losing weight through teas or an algorithm. But what about going back to basics and understanding our own hunger/want for food?

A standard of a healthy lifestyle is being active 3times a week, no smoking, drinking in moderation and eating enough fruits and veg. There is nothing in there that is dependent on weight. It's about a lifestyle.

You already have all the tools at your disposal to just listen to your body, your two brains if you will. Some foods will make you bloated/constipated/regular, some won't, everyone is different, that is your gut speaking to you. Your gut is designed to register discomfort and let you know about it. Just like when your brain decides that your body is hungry and needs to be fed then and there. Sounds simple, but our disconnect with our mindfulness needs a lot more work since we've most likely spent decades intaking external cues about what foods to eat, rather than listening to our own intuition.

Again, I don't have the answers, but these below ted talks brings an interesting approach to how we view food now.

Sandra Aamodt:

Heribert Watzke:

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