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Showing up... for yourself

Our close friends and family would describe us as someone that they can depend on to 'show up'. Whether it be going through a breakup, talking out insecurities before a big meeting at work, or being sick and taking care of them, and/or just being there to celebrate life.

I believe we all have done this in our lives, and maybe just for a select few, because showing up is a very important physical act of service that communicates our love for the individual in question.

But how do we do this for ourselves? Lately, I've been catching myself say or feel negative things and giving them value BUT then I take a moment and flip the internal scenario on its head. I ask; would I say this to my friend? and the answer is simple; No. Feeling whatever your feeling is always valid, but having the positive mindset to tackle it on is what's important here.

You deserve to show up for yourself in those situations because, you would do it for your friend. You don't live in their skin, you live in yours, your space and body deserve the same amount of support and love that is easily projected others. You are equally deserving of all the goodness you give out.

Just think about the power that holds, you being able to show up for yourself like a best friend would.

Now that's what I'm talking about :)

Much love,

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