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Show me your PRIDE

Happy Pride!

As you can tell the color scheme is very on brand for this type of announcement! hehe, but it also embodies what I have to offer you guys on the daily! That splash of colorful energy!

During this time, I hope we can all take a moment to appreciate a community that has always been present, but not always acknowledged/respected/protected. Although this community has made significant strides towards being seen and accepted, the true face of this community is the one that is most at risk and marginalized. Black/Colored Trans Individuals. They are the ones who started the stonewall riots, not someone who looked like me and had the privilege AND ability to hide if need be.

As a true millennial, cinema has always been a source of entertainment and search for knowledge - as well as representation. Now more than ever, we can take the time to understand and watch Trans Actors on screen and get a glimpse into their life, and how they've paved the way and influenced major aspects of how we view femininity, beauty, dance, music, the list goes on.

Here are some materials for viewing that give a little insight to this;

Paris is Burning Docu-film based in New York - 1990

Pose (2 seasons) - 2018 (first cast to feature black trans people as the main protagonists)

Disclosed Docu-film - 2020

Here are also two fantastic films with merit of their own based on true stories;

Imitation Game - Benedict Cumberbatch - 2014

The Danish Girl - Eddie Redmayne - 2015

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