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Name & Frame Your Anxiety

Updated: May 2, 2021

Over this past year, no one has come out unscathed. Afterall, we're only human, and it is 100% natural to have reacted and still feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety.

This turmoil of organised chaos without a timestamp or expiration date is an important factor that influences most of us. There is no 'post' pandemic in sight considering everything, the virus dictates how we will move forward, including it in our societal structure. But how do we now, manage our lives in order to actually live them?

We need to be able to compartmentalize all the stressors we experience into smaller more manageable obstacles. For example, in an intense scenario, I am highly emotional and react very fast to stimulus; so irritation, frustration, anger leads to being overwhelmed and feeling hopeless.

In a Pre-Covid world, I normally have a good work routine, feel strong in my body physically, have a healthy social life and human interaction; 3 coffee friend dates where you get to have deep convos within the week. The worst case scenario doesn't happen often, because for me, human connection and having ownership over the majority of my week, allows me to take stress and break it apart better.

Everyone is different in regards to what YOUR worst case scenario. I think it is important to know what that is for yourself, Name the emotions you feel, Frame them up individually, and take them down one by one, when you feel ready.

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