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Motivation, where you at?

Motivation is a HUGE struggle at the moment, it is something that everyone is facing to various degrees. BUT let’s appreciate the situation for what it is - it’s completely unique, and it will/has affected everyone differently.

It is important to note that it’s OK to take a breath and rest/restore/recover. 15 weeks + has been exhausting and has depleted everyone’s energy. Now, more than ever, we value the connections we have with our family, friends and understand how much human interaction is necessary for our mental health. BUT don’t forget you still need that “ME” time.

We can’t achieve anything if we don’t have the energy for it, or make the time to complete it. The way to rectify this isn’t a one size fits all solution. For example: I feel much more accomplished smashing out personal chores in the morning than in the evening, which directly affects more productivity during the day. For most, when our space is ‘TIDY’ we tend to want to do more on that day, i.e. work out, meal prep etc.

In a way, cleaning out your space is clearing out your head. Exercise can be the same!

We might feel fuzzy in our heads and not wanting to do anything but binge watch a full series on Netflix that has popped up (guilty as charged here!) but nothing beats allowing a few minutes to sweat it out!

An easy tool to get you there is by using a TIMER! Yes….I know, how revolutionary! However, setting aside just 15 minutes of exercise is just a quarter of a Queer Eye episode! HOT TIP - time it with an uplifting speech by Jonathan Van Ness, push pause, set your timer and smash it out while you’re riding out that high! (This has been tested by yours truly :P)

Motivation = (Netflix - pause) + 15min :D

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