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Goals Goals Goals

We all have set goals in our life before, and we certainly have goals that we want to achieve this year amidst the hope of it all.

Bringing it into the fitness perspective, this past year has been extremely challenging in trying to keep goals going. Maybe some new goals came up however, like running, or that daily walk.

Now that there is a potential of physical activity and facilities being accessible again, as well as the weather improving. There can be a lot of pressure to perform well without giving us the time to achieve our goals yet.

Time is our friend, and having the resources paired with that time is essential to achieving our goals.

What are those tools? the biggest one I would say is having a clear goal that isn't attached to a physical appearance but rather a physical performance. We want to start goal setting in fitness in regards to capability, not aesthetics. I understand how hard that is to give up since we have been conditioned to value fitness through a visual spectrum, BUT believe me when I say that nothing beats 'feeling' good, and that doesn't belong to one body type.

The next would be having a clear plan set out over a timeline. Physical goals are incredibly dependent on your emotional and mental well being. Some days a push up or a round of burpees will seem enjoyable and doable, and the next? not even ok to attempt. Hence why the same corny line comes out, it's not the goal but the journey. Because goal setting is a 'long game' type of approach. Short term goals would be around the 2/3 months mark to lead up to a 6 months to over a year for long term.

Number three would be accountability, whether that is a trainer, a friend, a class time booked out that will help you achieve that goal.

With these elements set into motion you can start those steps towards a journey for yourself :)

That's the most exciting part to it! once you have all the tools in front of you, it's all about testing them out!

You can do it! I believe in you!

Much Love,

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