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Glitter Bombs & Crowns for all!

It's 2021, we don't need a Pride anymore right? oh honey... Pride is here to stay, for always and forever. Here's why...

Being a part of this community is one of the most terrifyingly beautiful things to happen to someone. And yes, unfortunately you can't experience the good without the bad.

Whether the bad is internalized shame, fear, hate etc not one person will go unscathed by their identity within the Queer Community. It takes courage everyday to 'stick' out of society and pave a way for others to follow in; allowing us to walk with more certainty and confidence than our predecessors. Pride is their for us to acknowledge those accomplishments and rejoice in the liberation that others - mainly trans & coloured queer individuals gave their life for- can feel comfortable in.

When I say Glitter Bombs & Crowns for all, what I mean is, it's hard to dress colourful, to embrace the typically feminine or masculine attributes and express yourself with individualism without being questioned or dampened by a passerby.

For some, Pride might be the only public event they will go to and be able to hold their partner's hand without feeling like a 'target'.

Pride is important for that reason, to show that there is hope and that no one is truly alone.

The bright side of 2021, is there is more visibility and representation than there has ever been before in mainstream media. It's the easiest way to learn and expose oneself to the whole community and all its shapes and sizes.

Here are a few below:

Pose (Series)

Disclosure (Netflix Documentary)

Tales of a City (Series)

Special (Netflix Series)

Much Love & Happy Pride

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