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Flow never force

Keeping the balance between; doing what your body will thank you for & what your body won’t be happy with.

I came across these three words, “Flow Never Force” and I think they resonate tremendously in regards to what we want to focus on coming into May. Personally, a lot of changes are happening, and once again, the world is opening up slowly.

Physically, we want to reason and be reasonable with how we treat it coming back into studios. It’s always good to change up a routine and train in different ways as I’ve said in the past. However, we also want to listen and not abuse our facility during this time.

Let’s face it, all of our bodies have changed because are mental health has changed as well! It’s completely normal, and change isn’t a bad thing, it’s an evolution. So, what do we need to take on board moving forwards? Set a pace for yourself that you know you can sustain for a few weeks before amping it up (if that’s your goal). Don’t shy away from adjusting that routine within the first two weeks either!

Remember: It takes a minimum of a month to feel different or improve are physical performance IF we are consistent with it :)

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