Dear Misfit...

Such a strange word isn't it? misfit... it insinuates that there is a 'fit' to strive towards and that all your life you've been missing the point. Yet all the people that are remembered or have achieved great things also classify as a misfit.

They are the first to break the mold, the first to be recognised for their greatness, and then somehow their achievement is then normalized to lessen someone else's attempts at greatness. And it's only when you are the perfect blend of misfit that you are celebrated, because if you weren't made to fit in, then you have to be extraordinary to matter right? Wrong. Let's reclaim this word, and celebrate it through our own worth.

Who has the right to value you based on your failures and achievements within a world that doesn't 'fit' all of you in? No one. We as misfits have to acknowledge our place in a world where from one space to another, you will never feel whole. Celebrate that, because it means you can exist in so many spaces that bring you pain and joy. These spaces that others will never be able to join you in or even understand, are the spaces of beauty. Your misfit is another way of being, of experiencing the world. You get to decide what you are made up of and grow however you chose to. Always love that part of yourself, no matter how scary, hurtful, bright, joyful it may be... it is beautiful, because it is you.

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