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Back to Basics

I deeply regret to inform you, but this is not a Christina Aguilera tribute post hehe. Instead I shall treat you to some cute cliché analysis that can be applied to your life goals; career or fitness related :) I go back to this quote quite a lot to remind myself if I am still on the right track; "Don't forget why you started"

This makes me reflect back to the basics of what truly makes me happy and what I want to make my goals to be about. Career wise; connecting with people, a creative environment, being able to feel inspired and to inspire others. I crave independence with the creative license to express in a physical or performative way. Without knowing me, that can fall under many categories, and when you tie in teaching/dance/fitness, it still rings true.

So maybe take the time now and have a think about what are most important aspects for you in your career? Go a bit deeper than just liking your job, or financial stability, think about the components that truly add to your sense of self and fulfill you.

It can be a useful tool in regards to fitness as well! From the previous post about consistency, something that helps re-spark the fuel in regards to achieving your goals. Check in on your foundations of fitness, you might be surprised at your performance. In my opinion, the most important foundation in fitness is form, postural alignment and body awareness. When you get stronger and more mobile, you understand your body more and can place/move/perform in a more conscientious way. This is a paramount to progress and its never a 'regression' or a 'step back' checking in with that practice.

Let's go back to basics every once in a while :)

Much love

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